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B4S5REAP3R Avatar
9 months ago

dem drums be thicc

Shards Avatar
9 months ago

love the drums

CROSSbones Avatar
9 months ago

how tf are you so good? Soundation legend in the making right here

GoldLion ♪ Avatar
GoldLion ♪
9 months ago

Nah, I looked up Mortal Kombat wallpapers, also a placeholder. I'm gonna try to find royalty-free wallpapers later, or have my good friend make one for me.

vii ✨ Avatar
vii ✨
9 months ago

This nice

it looks like you looked up “cool pictures” though

GoldLion ♪ Avatar
GoldLion ♪
9 months ago

No, it isn't done, I just threw the end in there as a placeholder lmao XD