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almost 6 years ago

I like this - it's quite relaxing. :)

almost 6 years ago

This is really awesome! <3

Kracked Ekho / illRipper
almost 6 years ago

i must admit this track took me by surprise, the soothing yet almost erie tone really melded together quite nicely here! your drum work could have been a little more chill like to improve the overall feel, the drum patterns are great just the drum sounds you used dont fit the theme in my opinion. if you used an 808 kick and a snap for the snare that would really bring out the feels you were going for here :) still this is just amazing buddy!

almost 6 years ago

this is tight

The King 36
almost 6 years ago

definitely a piece of art! good job man!

Sean Foxx
almost 6 years ago

This is amazing

almost 6 years ago

It is impossible not to become entranced with this particular piece. It is beautiful.

almost 6 years ago

I just thought about it and...THIS IS THE BEST I HEARD OF YOU!*DOWNLOADED*

almost 6 years ago

This is really nice, good work.

almost 6 years ago

I... Am... Not... A... STALKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!