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Dj-gizmo Avatar
about 5 years ago

Nicee song i like it !

right nit Avatar
right nit
over 5 years ago

Definitely has potential! And agreed with what ChordsBoy said. xD

k̷y̷t̷e̷x̷m̷u̷s̷i̷c̷ Avatar

@ChordsBoy thank you but also thank Dead Dave too he was amazing!

ChordsBoy Avatar
over 5 years ago

I could just imagine this being in an old flash game! xD Seriously, though, this song rocks!

k̷y̷t̷e̷x̷m̷u̷s̷i̷c̷ Avatar

@Roix, yeah i stopped using loops because they got boring.

k̷y̷t̷e̷x̷m̷u̷s̷i̷c̷ Avatar

Thank you everyone but, give dead dave credit too

[this project has concluded] Avatar
[this project has concluded]
over 5 years ago

Russian usually uses loops... He's getting a lot better.... <3

. Avatar
over 5 years ago

Man, this has soo much potential! If you send me the sng. file, I could make the lead better, a and base!

k̷y̷t̷e̷x̷m̷u̷s̷i̷c̷ Avatar

yeah I noticed that too, but oh well.

Nesta Malcolm Avatar
Nesta Malcolm
over 5 years ago

one peice of feedback is that the lead is a little to detuned