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Created March 08, 2012

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Loving your tracks guys! Keep up the amazing work! Also please check out my new electro track! http://soundation.com/user/liamboi486/track/dj-l-j-free-yourself-electro


M-possible Avatar
over 8 years ago

YOU MUST PAY GOOD ATTENTION TO THIS TRACK OR YOU ARE A BAD PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://soundation.com/user/MusicExtreme/track/simple-mixed

Sean Foxx Avatar
Sean Foxx
over 8 years ago

This is my new EDM track Supernova. I know you will like it. http://soundation.com/user/seanmalone/track/supernova-euro-dance If you like it, please leave a comment and like it. :)

SlaveToWave Avatar
over 8 years ago

check out some sick effects on a powerful riff http://soundation.com/user/adamcsorghe/track/sick-fx

ArtWork Avatar
over 8 years ago

Hot or Cold? You decide... http://soundation.com/user/artwork/track/summer-midnight-snow

trihard Avatar
over 8 years ago

I'm holding a contest. Rules and info enter here http://soundation.com/group/The-Music-Masters Thx. :)

Jim1994Don Avatar
over 8 years ago

Listen to my track http://soundation.com/user/jimdnldsn94/track/popping-mix your ear drums will pop out mad Lol :) jokin' but seriously listen to my track :)

JR quit Avatar
JR quit
over 8 years ago

please check out my new hip hop track. thanks guys!-- http://soundation.com/user/-the-rappin-skateboarder-dj-/track/there-s-no-time