Created January 16, 2021


Upload any type of track you want. Shout Out yourself and/ or other people.

You can upload tracks that you want featured for H.Y.P.E. (How You Perceive Everything) Make sure to use #H.Y.P.E. to the title of your track.

No foul language will be used by anyone in the chat, and no bullying, and/or advertising.
Failing to cooperate will lead to a ban.

The chat is only used to promote you and other people.


not a actual real collab link its the link to the track

also can you check out tis song its a collab with Stealthf1re-songs plz check him out so heres the link to the collab

can you listen to this?

if ya'll don't mind plz check out this track

Check out my song Lazy Bum

10 months ago

yo i got a fresh new song that would have been featured on elektronomia's record label if it weren't so hype

11 months ago

check me out