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The Soundation Masters

Special Announcement
Typed on 8/6/13 @ 4:00 AM

I know I have been gone for a very long time. I have been VERY busy this summer, but I plan to return in Septembef. Thank you for being loyal to this group. It means a lot.
-DJ Fox

About Us

This is a pro group, which is for the Music Makers on Soundation who have earned the Honorary Status. Any genre is allowed. This is invite only and to be considered you have to impress me or any of the members. But if you think you think you deserve to be in this group, PM me or just leave a comment stating you would like to join.

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If I’m not present, these users have the right to supervise and handle the group.
Snow Fox
h2. Advisors

These are the people you can ask questions to about specific genres
wyatt17 :Expert with Electronica(mainly 120/128bpm), and good with Drum n Bass
Snow Fox :Expert with techno and piano, he can help you with creating your own notes if you need it. Click here to follow Snow Fox.
liamboi486 : AKA “DJ LJ”, he is an all-around person and can help you with different types of genres and skills.

Top Songs

Every Saturday I will post the top 3 songs I heard and they will be featured until the next Friday. The same with the next 3 songs.


Rules you must follow if you’re in the group…

I. No Cursing
II. No typing in digusting comments
III. No Spamming
If you fail these rules you will be banned not only from this group, but all of my other groups as well.


Groups To Check Out

Cool groups you should check out…

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Featured Tracks Change Every Friday!


almost 10 years ago

Um.... Yeah.... I sorta edited Fire and Ice and um.... Took down the old version.... xD

almost 10 years ago

Ghanks for the co-admin position! I hope to serve you well! (Quoteing the great MakinBeatz2012, from way back around page 5 of the comments in Sound of Advancment.

almost 10 years ago

By the way, could you provide a link to that group? I think you put it onprivate.

almost 10 years ago

Yes, we shall not speak of the event where I blew up about something stupid (I was angry about other stuff going on at that time).

almost 10 years ago

Thank you Skits and thanks Snow Fox for helping us out.... I have a group called "Visit Sound Of Advancement Today!!", which tell people to visit Skits group and try to impress him and join it.. check it out!

almost 10 years ago

Glad to see this didnt turn out like the other incident of which we shall not speak.... (lol)

almost 10 years ago

You're right Snow Fox. Thank you for your apriciation of my group Baked Fox.

almost 10 years ago

Also, Such a low viewed song tying with such a high viewed song. =') I feel happy now.

almost 10 years ago

Clearly he finds your group more important than his own, Skits.... Sound of advancement has all of the best people on soundation, and it inspired someone to make their own pro group. Isn't that kind of nice?

almost 10 years ago

I'm very greatful for the dedication, but you don't have to do that. Even if I may not be pleased it is your group to do with as you see fit. I'm sorry for influencing you.