Created October 25, 2015

Music or Death

Only loud music:

like Dubstep, Bigroom, or Metal style

no melodic music like Soundwave,White Clouds or Colors…

Tracks Example:

DVBBS – Inmortal
Different Heaven – Pentakill
Herobust – Move mint

Track to listen this week on Youtube

Omar Valera – Last One

Listen our music:


Prod. GT
about 1 year ago

Check out my new remix!! 👇

almost 2 years ago

Hey guys, my best song is Perish In AGONY! Let me know about what to improve. Please give feedback <3

over 3 years ago

Please recommend my newest track. I put a lot of work into it with Trillan.

about 4 years ago

try my song electron and see if you like it

Slightly Baked[A.K.A. E-Zence]
about 4 years ago

Second time trying to stray from edm to rock

over 4 years ago

idk if my song qualifies but ima post cause i think it does

xbrun 30 followers, boo ya
over 4 years ago

I have rejoined this group, I don't know why I left