Created January 27, 2016

Boss Beats


almost 6 years ago please check it out :)

Treyz Beats
almost 6 years ago

An atmospheric theme between the stars. ~Interstellar Trance~

almost 6 years ago if u sub to me ill sub back

almost 6 years ago

Here's my best track: I want some feedback!

almost 6 years ago

Hey guys just posted some new tracks, Be sure to check them out! Also be sure to checkout cause he has some pretty awesome tracks too!

almost 6 years ago

Hello there everyone! I'm relatively new to Soundation and this group, and I'd like to get some opinions/advice on my track(s). If anyone wouldn't mind taking a few minutes to check out my most recent track and giving me some opinions/advice on it, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks :D

Futilitarian / shtab
almost 6 years ago

@GODobson ,thank you for the feature!

KryptiK BeatZ
almost 6 years ago

Posted my new track, with the collaboration of Parallax, it's beautiful, it's called In A Dream

Bruno Note
almost 6 years ago Hey everybody, I'am new here in this group but it seems to be cool so I would be really glad if you just gave this a listen, if you really like it you can also like ;P