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Created August 01, 2015

All Rap Everything (swag)

Please join this group if you post rap beats or have an intro account and make songs with your rap vocals in it. By the way,my favorite rapper is Kanye West. I don’t listen to much new music,especially rap songs.Things just trash now a days.I listen to old music most AND CHECK OUT MY BOY FRENZI’S EP! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjFYSOR5UBRkzlzGYDD_2nA

We’re now having calab competitions! So contact me to tell me who on the list you want to calab with!

LIST! TrealThaGod,LIL-R,SupraStar



Jhon Falcao Avatar
Jhon Falcao
about 4 years ago

Follow in instagram I just want to be friends for having something in common that is not limited to any style of music.

Deep-U Avatar
over 5 years ago

If u need a chill fix check out my beat the injection

jamie Avatar
over 5 years ago

give my music a listen

Brown Beatz Avatar
Brown Beatz
almost 6 years ago

Listen and share

GøldenBeats  Avatar
over 6 years ago


CTMShIva Avatar
over 6 years ago

hi I just came here I like your songs very much so can I stay and add my flavor ( of music)

Misfit Sound Avatar
Misfit Sound
over 6 years ago

I got some pretty cool stuff going on over in my corner of the community, come check it out!

GøldenBeats  Avatar
over 6 years ago

Ok thanks for joining bro!