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almost 7 years ago

Wow Lois, you have some great feedback already. I really like your choice of sounds and even though it's a very simple track it really works. You now need to add some effects to make it have a more unique sound.

almost 7 years ago

I like the introduction. You have used rhythm.You could use more sounds because its abit boring because it keeps on repeating

almost 7 years ago

All your beats go really well together.

almost 7 years ago

its good that it stops then carries on, your track is really good

Megan lusted
almost 7 years ago

i really like your intro and i like the bit when it goes quite and then loud it is really good.

almost 7 years ago

i like the intro in the music and i also like the rhythm.

almost 7 years ago

i like your track because you have used good rhythms .you have also mixed tracks well. from danielle

Abigail Lilly-Anne Coomber
almost 7 years ago

i liked the structure.