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over 7 years ago

I noticed that also, and I think those are good suggestions. I don't think this song came out as clean as I wanted it to, but I liked it. To be honest, this was my first attempt at experimenting alot with the Wub Machine, so I was still in the process of learning On how to refine the wubs. Thanks for the advice. :) I'll see if I can use these suggestions to edit and "remaster" the track in order to make it sound cleaner. I'll probably release the remastered version soon. Thanks again. :)

over 7 years ago

this is great aswell, you got some amazing sounds in here though may i suggest making the transitions a bit smoother, i'd automate the volume or attach a filter on either lowpass or highpass and automate the cutoff while those wubs are playing or better yet just have it layered over the wubs with a sub bass, just a suggestion