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Chordial Avatar
over 4 years ago

man, tropical house is really not my thing, but this is like way good. I like the buildups a lot and this song has a great flow, but the drop could hit quite a bit more powerfully after a buildup like that, maybe add some chord synths and a second layer to the clap to boost it up. Also, the second midsection is a little too repetitive, the mix is lacking some mids and the song is too quiet for my taste, and the kick should be a lot more lowpassed and bouncy for this style. However, the melody and chords are nice, and the sounds you used here blend well. Overall great job, keep it up!

sero_tonin Avatar
over 4 years ago

thanks peeps

. Avatar
over 4 years ago

The bassline is sometimes a major or minor third above the actual root note. It makes it sound wonky, but the sound design and everything is pretty good!

Noah Avatar
over 4 years ago

dang thasa good