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2Tap Avatar
almost 3 years ago

and then i had a nightmare

j-ulian-stiven-jimenez-sanchez Avatar
about 3 years ago

tuviste un cambio muy brusco de pista al comienzo trata de tener una sola tonalidad de sonido

I Awake Avatar
I Awake
Soundation Crew
about 3 years ago

Hey Ross-e, your track was picked for this week's review at Sound Check. Head over to the group to see all my comments and drop me a message over there if you have any questions!

Ross-e Avatar
about 3 years ago

@QL-Sound Labs appreciated!

 QL-Sound Labs Avatar
QL-Sound Labs
about 3 years ago

This is nice, great Lo-fi type feel .......... the levels on some instruments could be lowered to even out the mix. and if you could have incorporated the vocal sample in with the music at the same it would have probably sounded sick......but this is still a very good track