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little hollow  Avatar
little hollow
8 months ago

I saw a video where they modded the monster in the game to look like a picture of Saul from Better Call Saul and as the monsters got closer his theme got louder and louder. I love this game even though I haven't played.

Returning January 1st :) Avatar

I do know about Markiplier. And yes, I do know the original backrooms were pretty much atmospheric. There's a lot of science behind that. I think it's scary just because it's a large, empty space. Like being the last person on earth. Its hard to comprehend the eeriness of a place that's left behind.

𝒱𝒾𝒸𝑒#𝒞𝑜𝓊𝓃𝓉 Avatar

@Hxppy if you know the youtube markiplier, he played a game that looks exactly like this. It might be the same, but the back rooms are just empty. I like to look at them from time to time

Returning January 1st :) Avatar

I have seen several broogly videos.

vii Avatar
9 months ago

the backrooms are so interesting to look into. the channel Broogli has some. really cool vids

daft. Avatar
9 months ago


Returning January 1st :) Avatar

I think the monsters came after the original creepypasta. Realistically (and just because of the fact that it would be better for the story), there should only be one kind of monster down there. Just the weird black shape that shows up every so often.

Returning January 1st :) Avatar

Agreed. The atmosphere is definitely scarier. I'm not big on the standard demonic type of horror, so the backrooms fit more with what I can handle. Even so, I don't watch any type of horror film at all, so I'm not super educated lol.

4xharley Avatar
9 months ago

There are some monsters though so I guess its not just the atmosphere

Returning January 1st :) Avatar

The rest of the album is going to be actual music and not just noises. I think this first track was just to set the mood (and to flex my knowledge of audio clips and effects :D)