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I'm really glad you liked this song Bl@ckSh33p! I want to encourage you to know that whatever happens, however much the world sucks (and it will suck, and there's no political or emotional movement that can change the sin that dwells on earth), God is completely in control, and will save those who believe in him. Doesn't mean that nothing bad ever happens to Christians, but it does mean, that Christians have an eternal hope outside of money and fame and wealth and other worldly things. I really hope that was encouraging lol. Hope you get through whatever you're going through right now.

Bl@ckSh33p Avatar
6 months ago

You're awesome for making this. This is good prayer music and gets a like from me. I am MISRIBLE right now and I am beginning to turn away from God. Plz pray. Life sucks right now.

Returning January 1st :) Avatar

Thanks man!

🧊Icey With The Heat🔥 Avatar

🥲🙏. May god bless u in all you do bro! Keep goin broski! All praise goes to god🥲🙏🥶

Returning January 1st :) Avatar

Thanks a bunch 4xHarley!

4xharley Avatar
7 months ago

like seriously this is amazing

Returning January 1st :) Avatar

Thanks a lot!

little hollow  Avatar
little hollow
7 months ago