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regular guy #1 Avatar
regular guy #1
almost 9 years ago

Yeah, I am a beginner the other songs are not so good, thanks for your commentary

Oozzie Avatar
about 9 years ago

btw when you transitioned from the first melody to the next my computer glitched out so i haven't heard the rest but i quite liked that transition.

Oozzie Avatar
about 9 years ago

i take it you're just starting out on this site, this is pretty decent imo. reminds of the stuff i use to make when i first started using this site. few things need work like in the intro when that simple comes in its kinda off beat but thats only cause you have it fading in wrong. it seems to me that you placed the noteclip in an instrument channel and automated the volume. i suggest you stretch the noteclip backwards by dragging the bottom left hand side of it. add some notes and automate the volume on what you have added.