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9 days ago

this is soo good

12 days ago

... ?

16 days ago


16 days ago

@4xharley yes lol

16 days ago

@lettuce, spent 3 years learning how to do art things on computer learning ms paint photoshop and stuff like that, boom, instant epic cover art

Electric Thunder
17 days ago

This song definitely deserves the feature, don't listen to anyone who says otherwise. This song is special.

18 days ago

love the concept and ideas, im just not sure the chord progression gives me the correct vibe, but then again, it might not be the goal here. good song

19 days ago

Pete spitting the straight truth yet again

PETE (a tomato plant)
19 days ago

@track reviewer, thanks for taking the time to leave feedback, but why does my grandmother dying validate you treating me better than anyone else? i really, REALLY don't like that you know you leave "harsh" comments on songs, to then hop over here and be all nice about it because my gran died. hows about just being nice in general? how hard is it? like fuck, is that what it takes these days to make people be a little nicer? completely ridiculous.