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@blezz-beats your kidding mate

13 days ago

I hope you and blezz are being sarcastic because if you have not heard this song before, I don't know what to say lmao

14 days ago

Disgusting cover art be like Say 🧀heese (eyes and mouth) And it looks wierd the way he smiles,but great job! It's pretty good,one of your best songs yet!

15 days ago

over comping be like

excuse for a musician
17 days ago

clip lol

25 days ago

the mid end and the low end

Moshie ♪
about 1 month ago

Beautiful 👏👏👏

about 1 month ago

(beat to the song) oh my god, oh my godod, this track is fire, fireieier

Soundation Crew
about 2 months ago

Fire! A liiiittle hot clipping-wise but great job

Reptilian (spooky boi)
2 months ago

wow speakers