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Clever Whiz  Avatar
Clever Whiz
about 9 years ago

much better!

Visualz Avatar
about 9 years ago

Not putting this on, sorry.

Foresight Avatar
about 9 years ago

That was fast. Nice job raising the kick and snare volume, but now they are too loud in the intro and buildup xD You just needed a little volume boost. I still think more synths and a main melody could have filled it up a lot more and made it sound better. You also really need that sub in the drop, it's way too empty. This is better though. Make sure you have that sub next time and really, really fill it up with synths! It'll make your song a lot better. Keep it tup though :)

ER_0R (And-Die) Avatar
ER_0R (And-Die)
about 9 years ago

Thanks very much AEverson!! :D

3de World Reject Avatar
3de World Reject
about 9 years ago

Yes, now here is something worth while. Loved the part from 1:23.