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Katze Avatar
over 4 years ago

Idk what made me dislike this, I guess maybe I didn't hear it? But it'z gewd you know? Like really gewd, even though I wouldn't call it the best by any means, and it's just a showing of how much you had improved at the time

Key Lime Canid Avatar
Key Lime Canid
about 5 years ago

Thanks Kristina Nilsson. Really like how you specified details that you liked. You've made an interesting entry yourself with the pop-dance style remix. ☺

Kristina Nilsson Avatar
Kristina Nilsson
about 5 years ago

Cool version! Love the blip blop sound in teh first verse paired wiht those short deep rev effects and then like how driving it gets around 2:50!

Key Lime Canid Avatar
Key Lime Canid
about 5 years ago

It's most certainly not going to be the winning entry. If the Nova Miller contest is any indication, the winner will probably some recently joined Swede showing just for the contest. The john-mode and Just Alfred entries I particularly find juicy. But at least I enjoyed making this one. Hope it sounds great.

I'm hoping to at the very least make it among the top entries. Let's see how many of the top entries are going to be from soundation veterans.

ChordsBoy Avatar
about 5 years ago

Gosh dang, I hope you win ;-;

I didn't even listen to the other submissions though lel