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Cheap flights
over 4 years ago

I play upright bass

arbour Avatar
over 4 years ago

nice i play trumpet

Key Lime Canid Avatar
Key Lime Canid
about 5 years ago


I am able to play both alto and tenor sax. I was swapped from alto sax to tenor sax sometime during high school. However, I've been using school owned tenor saxes, whereas I have my own alto sax (So I had to go with alto since I already returned the tenor back because band season is over).

berightback Avatar
about 5 years ago

you play alto sax?

leo25 Avatar
about 5 years ago

very nice

Key Lime Canid Avatar
Key Lime Canid
about 5 years ago


I have already been well aware that mixing, mastering, equalizing, and such are a prominent weak point and inexperienced area of mine, followed by sub basses, followed by drums and percussion. I even have responded about it on another track based on your comment on it, acknowledging my mixing isn't the greatest, so I don't understand why you appear to be taking something personally here. I don't get to every comment, maybe about 80-90%, but sometimes I don't have anything to respond with.

@DJ DeeVee

That's not a grounded argument and is fallacious via ad hominem.

Devi Avatar
about 5 years ago

you have no friends obviously have no friends, vizal, so just do us all a favor and go back into the hole u came out of

Vizil Avatar
about 5 years ago

ok apparently your ignoring me even tho i can 1up you sure ignore my useful information to make your track be better wow

grisha-callen-silao Avatar
about 5 years ago


Key Lime Canid Avatar
Key Lime Canid
about 5 years ago



@Mr. Dominic

Also Thanks.