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Shards B)
4 days ago

Lol @Blood Red Wolf

Allen Melcher
4 days ago

okay then red wolf, remake the song then if it takes 2 minutes. also if you saw the description you would know that this isnt the full song

6 days ago

I agree this is kinda bad Blood Red Wolf and your music is probably better but Ryan probably has a life and probably doesn't have enough time to put into soundation. So Blood Red Wolf you need to get a frekin life and stop picking on people that have a life non like you

Zero Strings
8 days ago

dont hate this sounds awesome

Blood Red Wolf
11 days ago

Mate u r the most followed guy and you come out with this, it is awful!!! That screeching noise was far too loud and everything else was too quiet. I didnt even hear the words and the computer was full volume!!! This is ear cancer!!! I expect better even my music is better and I have NO followers and you have 2293!!! All your music is bad most of it is like 10 seconds long, you dont deserve your followers when you come out with this trash witch probably took like 2 mins there is no sense of style AT ALL!!!

Kracked Ekho
17 days ago

my man

Dani *cough* F.
25 days ago

hello good music

26 days ago

dude you came back? yay!

Shards B)
27 days ago


Unique Stereotype
27 days ago

omg this dropped hard. Reminds me of Russian Hard Bass.