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ballistic sounds Avatar
ballistic sounds
over 7 years ago

that is the best song that i've ever heard

JR quit Avatar
JR quit
almost 8 years ago

I should probably delete that comment...... Naaah xD

JR quit Avatar
JR quit
almost 8 years ago

@SHUR1KEN Loool xD I remember back when I was 6 or 7, I liked to take the inedible peaches off our peach tree and chuck them at the ground until their nuts came out.. and then I smashed their nuts. This doesn't mean the peaches will smash MY nuts, right?! D:

*puts on a cup*

ONIX (D.E.A.D.E.N.D.) Avatar
almost 8 years ago

Trending bro!!!

ItsAriake Avatar
almost 8 years ago

Yeah, the drums are way too quiet. And the basses are honestly not that distorted (mostly >9% distortion). This is meant to be filthy though XD. Thanks for the feedback though! The static you heard is probably the high screechy one. Anyways, thankers!

Kracked Ekho / illRipper Avatar
Kracked Ekho / illRipper
almost 8 years ago

so heavy

almost 8 years ago

Listen #183746...Still badass

BaconBurger Avatar
almost 8 years ago

@Tydal how about murderous pineapples? XD @JR why were you fucking with peaches before? Never, ever fuck with a peach, they always get their revenge. Eventually

JR quit Avatar
JR quit
almost 8 years ago

If peaches are seriously as bad ass as this song makes them seem, then I'm never gonna fuck with one ever again. Nice job on this Tydal :D

Visualz Avatar
almost 8 years ago

Holy crap this is so good!