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Tre Flacko
about 1 year ago

Shout out to all the day one Soundation producers, y'all the GOAT, MAN.

over 1 year ago

Fr But i aint goin no were tho best believe that

Flagged. Pending CSI
over 1 year ago


over 1 year ago

Idk what to say except that I will stay to the very end and not let this bull shit stop me from making music and sharing it with you guys

Nesta Malcolm
over 1 year ago

I'm glad af your not leaving. Thanks for being a role model and finding light in a time of dark (litteraly, everybody has a block profile pic wtf)

over 1 year ago

Guys this site isn't dead. You are all acting like it is but its just because of the top users and trolls. As long as youll stay acting and keep being part of the community we will keep being alive. So just dont leave because of stupid reasons.

over 1 year ago

2) as a community is show the world what we can do, by whatever means necessary. We need to empower the world to use Soundation and interact with us in the best ways, but of course that is a daunting and perhaps impossible task with the general attitude of the community. However, to save this site we have to let the world know about this, and maybe then we'll prosper.

over 1 year ago

1) I agree with MONOXIDE :D Just because everyone else is leaving doesn't mean others should too. And Soundation isn't at all cringy or cancerous, or whatever the heck people call this place. I think it's a bold and beautiful idea to both host an online DAW and a community for the people who use it. The main problem is how people originally perceive the website, and that's due to their own lack of curiosity and inspiration. Almost every new user just assumes that Soundation is all about dragging and dropping free sounds and publishing it, when there is SO much more. The only thing we can do

over 1 year ago

No, I disagree with Parallax. There's still hope on this site, and we can't just leave and abandon those who need help making music. A lot of people on this website were just like me: not being able to afford fl studio, and soundation being the only choice for making music for free. I want to be there for every beginning producer like many of my great friends were there for me, because they're the reason I'm where I am now. So I refuse to accept that this website is dead, because there are too many people with such determination and potential to just throw it away. That's just my opinion on it

Allen Melcher
over 1 year ago

Guys! It's not too late! I am starting up a new Soundation Team! Please refrain from using the old group and use this group instead. If you wish to be a member of this new team, PM me and we'll talk. https://soundation.com/group/TheSoundationCrew