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Audial Avatar
about 10 years ago

This is fantastic, musically you've definitely got it in the bag, you know, sticking to the right key, using the right chord progression (could do a bit more with this though, rather than sticking to octaves in the second half you could add thirds and fifths and even a few sevenths if your feeling daring, or a few arpeggios), if you want any ideas of how to stitch together different bass lines then take a looking at this song I'm working on http://soundation.com/user/duskmusicuk/track/complextro-wip-v2 But your doing good man, perhaps we could do a collaboration?

Anirath Avatar
about 10 years ago

And thank you Cinos that was pretty helpful as well!

Cyber Posix Avatar
Cyber Posix
about 10 years ago

Hi :) My name is Cinos. This this is actually not bad :P I agree with BackBonez...the intro needs to be nice and clean...and remove the wub machine sounds...the drum is the drive of every song so it must be louder...not so loud that it over powers but so much that people can tap to the rhythm of the song...

Anirath Avatar
about 10 years ago

Alright thanks for that!