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Kagar Avatar
almost 7 years ago

WOAH! Since when do you make dubstep?!

Vincini Avatar
about 7 years ago

@Roix XD That's mean. I've got a surprising amount of support on this. I've worked on it for a day now, and the drop has come a long way from this. The sound design is changing. Stronger chords. Subs. Changing the drums used. I'm adding a growl right now. Lot's of pluses. Looking forward to seeing what you guys think!

[this project has concluded] Avatar
[this project has concluded]
about 7 years ago

wow lol, I thought your dubstep would be a bit worse. This is epic.

Stepix Official Avatar
Stepix Official
about 7 years ago

I agree with what Noen said. Maybe maybe making the spaces in between the chords longer to allow for more wubs, and growls. And arp melody might be nice too. Sounds epic. I'm sure this will be awesome when you release it.

Vincini Avatar
about 7 years ago

@Ekoez Yeah. Almost forgot the growl! lol. In general, please note that this is a very early WIP

Ekoez Official Avatar
Ekoez Official
about 7 years ago

A bit empty but that should be easy enough to fill out with some reverb, sub bass, and adding layers. I'm liking where this is headed. Change the wub/wobble pattern up a bit too. A growl. I'm sure you've thought of some of this stuff already. Looking forward to it!