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MinusMaster Avatar
almost 5 years ago

I guess this was inspired by Tristam - Crave

Wally Avatar
almost 5 years ago

Dope, I think the vocals could use some heavy reverb though

Noah Avatar
almost 5 years ago


[this project has concluded] Avatar
[this project has concluded]
almost 5 years ago

n i c e.

AMT Avatar
almost 5 years ago

This is insane!!! One tip though: for using snares that have a noticeable offset from the beginning of the snare to the end, I'd put these 1/32 or 1/64 (depending on how much offset between the first part of the snare and the second part, 1/32 is for more offset) before the actual beat that you want it to play on. Otherwise, it sounds delayed and off beat. Just a tip :)