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about 1 month ago

you don't just use a vocal chop in a hip hop track....

unless you're unicycle. then do whatever.

「Trillan」 [#FreeChromeClouds]
about 1 month ago

I think the vox chops would have sounded awesome really lowpassed and reverbed, but then the entire track would also have to be more chill without the snippy percussion. Idk, I like it as it is.

Unique Stereotype
about 1 month ago

Thanks man. That means a ton coming from you. (my hip hop inspiration on soundation)

LegionBeats [#FreeChromeClouds]
about 1 month ago

don be depress fren. drum here are on fleeeeek bruh its awesome. thanks for actually deciding to finish this. vocal sample is mesmerizing. i love the layout of this one. bruh you've graduated. main clap is quiet tho.