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Rachel Avatar
almost 4 years ago

Hey, as a 14 year old can I just say that why the heck does race have to matter, everyone says black lives matter, and they do matter but what about Asians that are accused all the time for bringing sickness over, Latinos who are seen only as negative influences due to the cartel, Blacks who are accused for being gangsters, whites who are accused for being selfish and racist. Did I chose the color of my skin.... NO! So why care only about people that have the same color than us and not care about everyone who is considered human. So in reality ALL LIVES MATTER!!!

sky.47 Avatar
almost 4 years ago

wat does NLM mean?

Salad Avatar
almost 4 years ago

we shoot racist.

little hollow  Avatar
little hollow
almost 4 years ago

bruh, get out of here with your racism

[PROD @YBP] Avatar
almost 4 years ago

agree with Red

E̷̠̩̽N̷̹̜͆Z̴̬̬̀͝Ý̶̺M̵̩̯̔Ë̸̙̦ Avatar

personally i think NLM

Rwekaza66mixx  Avatar
almost 4 years ago

for what is happing right now, BLM