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-_- Avatar
4 months ago

i used this melody but this sounds harder than my stuff

vii Avatar
7 months ago

yea 808 is off but this is still hard

🧊Icey With The Heat🔥 Avatar

I feel you, bro. 808 pitch tuning be hard lol. Like u said some will be to loud and mess up the whole song lol

!504Nasrion Avatar
7 months ago

(Speaking of the 808, not going to lie if I pitch streched it too much for some specific notes that shit would get too loud in volume are just get way out of the key its supposed to be in, So really this is the best I could get to sounding good without it fucking the entire song up

🧊Icey With The Heat🔥 Avatar

Other than that the rest is icey!

🧊Icey With The Heat🔥 Avatar

808 is off