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JosHakam Avatar
2 months ago

Thank you for so much dude! You were such an influence for me when I was posting music here!

Mrmusicnub Avatar
4 months ago

dang and I just came back wish u well

arbour Avatar
4 months ago

join us bro

Moon Avatar
7 months ago

I thought he was kidding bro, he did post it around/on april fools

vii Avatar
8 months ago

kind of said that kai can't read this

Digital Avatar
8 months ago

Wish you the best!!! Goodbye!!! :(

💔❾➈9𝓢HⒶᗪöώ𝓢❤️‍🩹 Avatar

It was a lot of stuff me and you didn’t get to do yet HEX but I’m glad that I was at least able to get to know you, collab and vibe with you personally dude. Much love and like little hollow said, It was fun while it lasted😌

little hollow  Avatar
little hollow
8 months ago

Been one of my longest followers and I have been yours. I always enjoyed interacting with you here, definitely keep me up to date on what you do next my g.

It was fun while it lasted <3

sui Avatar
8 months ago

wow this is the perfect music to listen to while reading the desc lolololo

Echo Avatar
8 months ago

:( i started this and left, i comback every once and a while but if i wont talk to you then i wanna let you have a good journey my friend, my it come to us talking in the end, farwell. o7