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ChordsBoy Avatar
almost 8 years ago

Thanks, Dr. Music! It's great to hear that all three comments are positive! And plus, 2 likes! Thank you all for your support :D

Dr.Music Avatar
almost 8 years ago

Great song. You got some talent there.

Endeavor Avatar
almost 8 years ago

yeeeh paartyyy

ChordsBoy Avatar
almost 8 years ago

Well, it's technically not my first, but it's my personal favorite! I've had absolutely no musical talent prior to using Soundation (Maybe drums, but I've learned that in 3rd grade), so yes, I am just starting, sorta. I mean, I've used a website that's like Soundation, only I was in 4th grade and only used the free sounds. I wasn't editing them, since I didn't know how to. It sounded more like I'm trying to hypnotize someone than play an actual song! lol. Then, the site was removed, along with all of my "songs". And then I found Soundation! :) Thanks for the great feedback! You're Awesome! :D

XJM Avatar
almost 8 years ago

Good stuff! Sounds like a decent amateur trance track! Great leads, and back end stuff. Are you just starting to make music? Certainly great for a first!