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dubsteper Avatar
about 2 months ago


Hyphen Avatar
3 months ago

This has a great vibe! I love the melody, it feels really happy, but I think the lead is a bit too loud and airy for this sort of Progressive House. I would try layering it with some other detuned saws and turning down the volume. I love the vocal sounds behind the lead, but they could use a bit more reverb and a bit less high end, which would help them sit better in the mix and to carry the drop forward. The sub bass is also a bit weak, so try adding another sub (the Simple Synth 'Sub Bass' preset works well) and turning the volume up a bit. Overall, this is fantastic. Nice job :D

Xastoliam Avatar
3 months ago

This is actually awesome man! The layers are nice and smooth but the claps are a little off but its still a success. Keep up the good work!

Bright Beats Avatar
Bright Beats
3 months ago

I can see improvements form your last track. Nice work! you did a good job building this track and adding layers and supporting sound. Some tweaks to your main synth and to volume levels of each channel is my only feedback. Great vibe overall :)

deepdubber Avatar
3 months ago

i loved it