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EDV!N - E ! Avatar
EDV!N - E !
over 7 years ago

Fk, this is good

Doctor Sleep  Avatar
Doctor Sleep
almost 8 years ago

such a groovy track!

*BLANK* Avatar
almost 8 years ago


4EYED Avatar
almost 8 years ago

Thanks for the positive feedback everybody! Glad to see it make its way up to trending! Stay tuned for more tracks! And follow and all that stuff

Foresight Avatar
almost 8 years ago

Sick! That drop is huge. Congrats on trending by the way :D

Xephyr Avatar
almost 8 years ago

I like this, man!

xvious Avatar
almost 8 years ago

Nice I just made a new song called nitro beatz u should check it out but wht beat was the beat u used at the start

ER_0R (And-Die) Avatar
ER_0R (And-Die)
almost 8 years ago

Nice work! I was expecting a pig sound from Mc, but it still is well-deserved of likes, left you one btw! :D

Shadow_playa Avatar
almost 8 years ago

Amazing drop! But i feel like some of the sounds are repeated to much. But overall love it. left a like.

ozcii Avatar
almost 8 years ago

luv it