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ShaBuki Avatar
over 9 years ago

i dont usually listen to deep house but when i do, its damn good deep house. wyatt-san this is AMAZING deep house. really original and that plucking instrument (dats what i call it), the lead in the drop, my god its practically orgasmic.

4EYED Avatar
over 9 years ago

No I wish I could make cover Art so badly! But that's just this "label" that makes core art for my music, the name Wyatt is always in it somewhere then I just crop out everything else except the Wyatt. Thanks guys! Honestly dident think it would be this popular it's a simple deep house track!

Cyverbit Avatar
over 9 years ago

Oh, and good track too I guess. :P Just kidding, it KILLS.

Cyverbit Avatar
over 9 years ago

@Wyatt: Do you design the track graphics yourself? They are legit!

Scars Never Fade Avatar
Scars Never Fade
over 9 years ago

Lovin it, played it like 3 times already

Sean Foxx Avatar
Sean Foxx
over 9 years ago

I like it. Simple and not too many things going on at the same time. Good job dude.

over 9 years ago

Wyatt I am extremely impressed by the mix of this track! Did you mix it by yourself? This is by far your cleanest most slickest mix i've heard from you nice job man!

foyleestunes@yahoo.co.uk Avatar
over 9 years ago

amaze-balls. Left a like

Side Hustle  Avatar
Side Hustle
over 9 years ago

i like it :)

ozcii Avatar
over 9 years ago

Dayum dude, this is great!