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3de World Reject Avatar
3de World Reject
about 8 years ago

This sounds really good so far. And on your own comment, u described what u have to do, so do it then.

KSmuthi Avatar
about 8 years ago

And yes, I realize there is in fact a tremolo in the start and a bit of pan later on, but pronounced pan is what I mean.

KSmuthi Avatar
about 8 years ago

I actually think the sound design is great, but my advice is to use a panning effect to make each part stand apart from each other yet play its own part to the same song. maybe not the best advice ever, but it's all I got.

4EYED Avatar
about 8 years ago

still needs a lot of compression on the lower bass. no idea how i fell about this the build seems to clustered to me. thoughts please???