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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with misaligned playback of note region in the Note Clip Editor
  • Fixed bug where the studio was still usable when encountering a “Houston” error

New Features and Improvements

  • Added “Get started” tours
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug that happened when renaming multiple regions at the same time

New Features and Improvements

  • Added ability to rename note clips
  • Added a feature to consolidate note clips using the context menu or shortcut
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where long effect tails would play when the playhead had been moved
  • Fixed a bug where after stopping a recording the studio would be unresponsive (thanks @135Mod on Discord!)

New Features and Improvements

  • Improved input latency for playing instruments
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where multi-selecting regions with shift would sometimes move and delete regions
  • Fixed a bug where deleting automation points would delete the active channel instead of the selected automation points

New Features and Improvements

  • Added ability to rename channels
  • Added ability to duplicate projects
  • Made improvements to the library interface
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where regions would move on their own while dragging a sound from the library
  • Fixed a bug where regions dragged from the library were rendered below selected regions
  • Fixed a bug where the “drag and drop prevention” element were rendered above the channel strip
  • Fixed a bug where multiple automation points couldn’t be deleted

New Features and Improvements

  • New and improved virtual keyboard with octave switch shortcuts and velocities displayed
  • Added ability to preview-listen to instrument racks
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where imported .sngz would not load audio correctly
  • Fixed an issue where creating a project from template would fail
  • Fixed note clip editor bugs where keypad wasn’t sticky & it scrolled weirdly when adding a note
  • Minor UI fixes

New Features and Improvements

  • Navigating with keyboard in the instrument library is now possible
  • Default loop region has been adjusted
  • Full version of Europa is available
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where upon starting the studio the an error message would be shown in the console
  • Fixed an issue where the `Show library at startup` setting was ignored (thanks @qexat)
  • Fixed an issue where the sidebar menu would go bananas when maximizing soundation
  • Fixed various small bugs

New Features and Improvements

  • Instrument Racks – A new type of preset with effect chains stored has been added to the library
  • 340 new sounds added to the library
  • Library icons added
  • Revamped categories for the library
  • Loop range is now being saved with your project
  • Holding a keyboard shortcut down to duplicate now repeats the action
  • Shortcuts for zooming in the note editor have been added
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where dragging samples from “My Sounds” into the arrangement or drag and drop area would trigger an error
  • Fixed bug where the virtual keyboard was open in the dashboard when “Open Virtual Keyboard” setting was on
  • Fixed an issue where entering values in Parametric EQ did not work
  • Fixed an issue where shortcuts were not working
  • Fixed an issue where shortcuts would latch on to the bottom panel
  • Fixed an issue where tapping in BPM didn’t work properly
  • Fixed a bug where the playhead was sometimes invisible
  • Fixed a bug where publishing song to community didn’t work
  • Fixed a bug where loading .sng containing samples gave error

New Features and Improvements

  • It’s now possible to mute individual regions
  • MIDI input latency has been improved
  • Shortcut templates for Soundation, Ableton Live & Logic added
  • Shortcut table added in the Studio
  • Shortcuts for duplicating channels, regions and notes added
  • Copying, pasting and cutting effects is now possible
  • Visual feedback when a user selects a note in a region which is muted
  • Option to hide the virtual keyboard while still being able to use it
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug related to missing icons
  • Fixed bug where the “Select an audio channel” popup would appear on the dashboard
  • Fix for Google Chrome bug crashing the studio

Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Progress when uploading audio files can now be seen
  • Text referring to projects as “collaboration project” has been changed in some places
  • Project conversion – Some users would get errors loading a project
  • Tooltip text at the bottom didn’t fit one row – Updated to scrolling marquee
  • Reversing audio would crash the Studio
  • Threshold indicator of Limiter got stuck. Thank you The Wicked Utopian for reporting
  • Simple Synth was called “Europa by Reason Studios”. Thank you 19glowie for reporting

Maintenance Month

As we continue working towards becoming the best online DAW in the world, this past month has gone in the honorable name of maintenance.

As part of the new price plans, free users are now able to use automation, MIDI controllers and the Parametric EQ effect.

Bug fixes

  • Dashboard: Clicking back in the Studio would sometimes cause projects not to open.  
  • Pop-up issues: “Changes might not be saved” pop-up would show even if the project was auto-saved. 
  • Unsupported browser bugs: Various issues with how the dashboard was displayed for Safari users, including missing information about the Studio only being compatible with Chrome. Users with unsupported browsers were able to create projects if the project list was empty.
  • Note clip editor: Note clip editor would not open on double-click if you were in full screen mode. Its size would also reset every time you opened it.
  • User sounds: The amount of used storage didn’t increase after the uploading a sample.
  • Playhead improvements: If you’re zoomed in and start playback, the view will move along with the playhead. When you stop, the view jumps back to the playhead starting point.
  • Virtual keyboard: Returning to the Dashboard with the virtual keyboard open would leave it on screen.
  • Solo to collab conversion: “Error: Parse range out of value” when trying to open an old solo project.

Everything about your projects is now available at a glance. The new dashboard lets you keep track of your storage, check your project limit, and get a snapshot view of your most recent works. 

Going forward, when logging into an account, users will be directed to the dashboard instead of the newsfeed page. 

Bug fixes

  • Dashboard: Navigation issue when clicking on the browser’s back button and issues related to pop-ups in the studio are now fixed.
  • Note clip editor: Notes should not drift to the right when using alt + drag shortcuts on multiple notes when zoomed out.
  • Automation: When adjusting effect parameters, the automation line should now match the values. Issues with steep automation lines are fixed. You should also no longer get an error when opening collab projects with automation.
  • Effects: You should now be able to remove effects from the master channel by using keyboard shortcuts. Changes to effect parameters should also be saved when using a mouse’s scroll wheel.
  • Collaboration: There should be no errors when clicking on a collab project’s URL link.

Zooming enhancements
Due to popular requests, scroll zoom will now zoom in to the cursor instead of the playhead. You can also select a clip to zoom in on. The zoom will now update in real-time when adjusting the zoom slider. 

Tempo synced effects improvements
There are now more synced values to choose from in the delay and phaser effects.

Bug fixes

  • The issue with the cut and cut by settings on the SPC getting reset is now fixed. Thank you Eden Pigeon for reporting.
  • Automation should now be saved when reopening a collaboration project. Thank you Cynoco for reporting.
  • Premium users should now be able to use all Premium samples from the library.
  • When scrolling, the playhead should not be displayed under the channels.
  • When rewinding to beginning, the view now moves back along with the playhead.
  • The issue with using the left and right arrow keys to move notes with the keyboard open is now fixed.
  • After renaming a project in the studio, tapping a spacebar should start playback instead of scrolling.

Bug fixes

  • Performance issues when recording audio on Windows 10 are now fixed. 
  • The issue with unresponsive studio when undoing after changing instruments and adding automation points is now fixed.
  • The issue with unresponsive studio when deleting channels with delay in collaboration projects is now fixed. 
  • The issue with automating synced rate on phaser is now fixed.
  • The value for delay’s time left and time right parameters is now correctly displayed.
  • Automation on instrument parameters should not be bypassed when reopening a project. Also, automation should now be removed when automation points are deleted. Thank you Eden Pigeon for reporting.

Studio version 3.7.0

Europa user waves
You can now load your own audio files into Europa as user waves and create your own wavetables. Try it out in the studio.

Tempo synced effects
Delay and Phaser can now be tempo-synced to your project’s BPM for more rhythmic and precise effect processing.

Studio version 3.6.0

CPU and Memory Meter
The CPU and memory meter helps you keep track of your computer’s resources and make sure Soundation is running as smoothly as possible. Learn more.

Automation Improvements
Vertical and horizontal snapping, plus other major improvements, have been added to automation, making it more precise and responsive. Learn more.

Playhead Improvements
It’s now possible to move the playhead by clicking anywhere in the arrangement space.

Bug fixes

  • The issue with grids on the note clip editor is now fixed. Thank you Razman and Shards for reporting. 
  • The issue with filter automation is now fixed. Thank you Dutchman for reporting.
  • The issue with the studio not responsive when opening a project that contains a drum machine is now fixed.
  • The white region color is now back.
  • The issue with progresses not being saved when prompted to save or leave a project is now fixed.
  • The issue when using a scissor tool on a looped sample is now fixed.

Studio version 3.5.0

MIDI Mapping
With MIDI mapping, you can set your MIDI controller to trigger anything in Soundation. Learn more.

MIDI Export
You can now transfer MIDI material from Soundation to any MIDI sequencer or DAW. Learn more.

Wubfilter Presets
18 new presets were added to wubfilter, offering more ways to shape the tone and add movement to your sound.

New Default Octave for Drum Instruments
When a DrumMachine or SPC is selected as an instrument, the virtual keyboard will now launch with the 3rd octave selected. This lets you play drums instantly without having to change the octave.

Bug fixes

  • Changes to Europa’s envelopes and LFO are now saved when reopening a project.
  • Controllers on Europa now correspond to the parameter automation.
  • Note velocity now has an impact on Europa’s audio signal.
  • The issue with notes missing from published songs is now fixed.
  • The issue with EQ and filter effects on sharp transients is now fixed.
  • The issue with stretched audio clip being off-beat is now fixed.

Studio version 3.4.5

Effect Panel
Effect modules, previously displayed on a pop-up modal, were moved to a bottom panel. With this new workflow, you can have better control of your effect rack. Learn more. 

Limiter Visualization
The new visualization for the limiter shows the gain reduction, or how much the sound is getting pushed down. This makes it easier for you to set the gain and threshold.

Studio version 3.3.12

Improvements to the studio’s color palette 
For better visibility, the studio’s color palette now has a higher contrast ratio. These areas in particular are cleaner, clearer and more crisp:

  • Channel strip, so it’s clear which channel is chosen.
  • Arrangement grid
  • Note clip editor grid
  • Virtual keyboard

Better note clip editor
The note ruler now has a higher color contrast and the piano roll is adjusted to better represent a piano keyboard. It should be easier to see which keys the notes are on, especially the black keys.

Bug fixes

  • Changes in settings are now saved if you refresh the browser or reenter the studio. Thank you Salad for reporting!
  • The note clip editor does not remain open when creating a new project.  

Better Time Stretch and Pitch Stretch
The time-stretch tool has a new algorithm that does a better job at preserving the key and tonal quality of the audio. This means you have more freedom when mixing and matching the loops.

Automatically Uploaded Audio in Collab Projects
Recorded and imported audio will be automatically uploaded in collaboration projects. Now you don’t have to worry about having to click upload manually after dropping the audio in your collaboration.

Studio version 3.2.0 

A Beta Version of Europa Released!
You can now try out Reason Studios’ flagship wavetable synth in Soundation. Learn more.

Start a new project without channels
Instead of populated with audio, instrument and effect channels, a new project is now empty so you can start from a clean slate.

Drag and drop files to existing channels
You can now drag and drop audio or MIDI files from your computer to existing channels in a project.

Improved searching in a collab project
It’s now easier for you to find friends using a search toolbar as we make sure the best matches are prioritized.

Bug Fix: Issue with Effects
You can now add effects to the bottom channel or the master channel with no issues.

Europa Beta
Continued development of Europa. The new instrument will soon be released for a beta test.

Revamping the studio round 2

  • Auto-generated channels:
    You can now drag and drop audio or MIDI samples from the library to a project without having to create channels first.
  • New way to import sounds and add channels:
    You can click on “import sounds” or right-click in the arrangement view to import audio or MIDI files to your project. You can also right-click to add channels.
  • Improved display of editing tools:
    Cursors are now responsive when editing tools, such as a scissor and a pencil, are turned on. You can also hover over the upper part of regions to loop, or the bottom part to expand, instead of having to hover over the corners.
    Learn more.

New presets

  • You can now find 48 new effect presets in the studio. Learn more.
  • 78 totally new instrument presets are also available for you to use. Learn more.

Revamping the studio round 1

  • Sidebar:
    You can now reach all the tools from an icon palette on the right side of the studio instead of a top menu.
  • Projects search:
    You can now search for a project by name using a search toolbar.
  • Tooltips:
    You can now see a short explanation at the bottom of the studio if you hover above anything in the workstation.
  • Transport bar:
    A transport bar has been moved up to the top.
  • BPM Tap:
    You can now hover above a project’s BPM and tap along with the beat to find the beats-per-minute for your song.
    Learn more.

Effect visualizations
You can now see a visualization when using effects like compressor and fakie. 

Improvement of mute and solo in Collab Live
Mute and solo is now specific to the user.

Collab Live bug fixes

  • Issues with an instrument channel when collaborators are editing different instruments at the same time.
  • Minor issues with cursors.
    …and a bunch more.

Collab Live launched!

  • You can now invite anyone to your project and collaborate in real-time.
  • You can manage requests and sharing settings in project settings. 
  • You can see collaborators’ cursors and see who’s online in real-time.
  • You can save imported and recorded audio by clicking on the “Upload audio” button.
  • All changes in a collab project are auto-saved.
    Learn more.

Improvements to a note clip editor, transport and grid snapping

  • Audio preview:
    You can now hear the notes when drawing and moving them in a note clip editor.
  • Smarter transport:
    When stopping, the playhead now goes back to its previous starting position instead of pausing in place.
  • New region colors:
    The waveform color is now improved for better contrast.
    Learn more. 

Splice sound packs
The last three sound packs from Splice were added to the studio’s library. Learn more.

Collab Live beta
The final round of bug fixes for the beta version of Collab Live has been released. 

Splice sound packs
Four more sound packs from Splice were added to the studio’s library. Learn more.

Collab Live beta
The first round of bug fixes for the beta version of Collab Live has been released. 

Splice sound packs
Five more sound packs from Splice were added to the studio’s library. Learn more.

Collab Live beta
A beta version of Collab Live has been released for a closed beta test.

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