Take It From Fellow Soundation Users

Searching for ways to spark your creativity? Explore songs made by members of the community and have your own moment of discovery!

Here’s a selection of articles where you can download free projects and get an inside perspective on how songs are made on Soundation.

Learn From the Community

Check out 10 advice on making loop-based music QL-Sound Labs would give his newbie self. Read more >

Find out how Unique Alias came up with his cyborg-themed track “Mutants”. Read more >

Learn how Tenebris made his lo-fi masterpiece “IX: Isolation”. Read more >



Recreate Famous Songs

Take it from the queen of disco and learn to recreate Dua Lipa’s “Physical” right in your studio. Watch a tutorial > 

Recreate 2020’s Song of the Year “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish. Because why not. Watch a tutorial >

Find out how to recreate the iconic synth-driven theme song from Stranger Things without having an analog synth. Watch a tutorial >



Back to Basics

Get all the 6 ingredients you need to make scary music in one project. Read more >

Relive your 8-bit fantasy and get your hands on the classic sounds in chip music. Read more >


Share your creations and find help. Explore the community.
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