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Remix Challenge

Answers to your questions about contests we host.

There’s only one rule: All entries must be made using Soundation’s online studio!

Glad you asked. Upgrade to Premium using code HITTHEBELL, and you’ll be able to:

  1. Improve your chances of winning by getting feedback from Team Soundation on your remix before the competition deadline. 
  2. Join forces and make a remix with friends using collab… because two (or more) is better than one.
  3. Use automation, parametric EQ and 23,000 Premium loops to make the best remix you possibly can.

There are two ways to join the competition:

  1. Go solo. Click “Start Remix” on the page to access the stems via Soundation studio. 
  2. Collab with friends. Click  “Download files” and import the stems to a collab project. Note that you’ll need a Premium account to import sounds. Upgrade here.

Make sure to check out remix tips and tricks on our blog and keep an eye out for more tips we’ll be releasing throughout the competition. 🦾 

There are two ways you can submit your entry.

1. You can publish the track right from the Studio by clicking “Post to Remix Competition” at the bottom of the Studio. Make sure to check “Publish my track to Remix” before saving. Your song will be automatically published on your profile and submitted to the Remix Challenge.

2. If you’ve published a remix on your profile but want to submit it to the challenge later, you can do that as well. Just go to the Remix Challenge group and click “Post Remix.” You’ll be able to choose your remix among other songs you’ve published on your profile. Note that only public songs are visible here, so if you’ve set your remix to be private, you’ll have to change the track settings to public first.

You can submit a maximum of two tracks to the Remix Challenge, so narrow down to your best works. 🙂

A jury consisting of representants from Soundation, the publisher and the artist will pick a winner based on quality, creativity and hype (listening numbers). Increase your listening numbers by sharing the Soundation link to your friends, family and fans!

Nope. While the play counts help bring our attention to tracks people love, the jury will take quality and creativity into account as well. Don’t worry if your track isn’t up there on the chart, you’re still in the running to be the winning producer!

Since all audio and instrument tracks for the Remix Challenge are copyrighted materials from the publisher, songs made using these materials are considered copyrighted materials from the publisher as well. In other words, please refrain from uploading or selling a remix created for this competition commercially to avoid copyright infringement.

However, it is absolutely okay to post a link on your social media to your track page on Soundation, if you want to share your work with friends and families.

The masterclass is a 90-minute creative meeting with the artist. Apart from discussing your remix contribution, you’ll also be able to play other songs from your catalog in order to get feedback and advice, along with asking any questions on how to develop your career.

The publisher’s mission is to find new talent, so this is an exclusive opportunity for you to show them what you’ve got and get on their radar for future remix projects, songwriting sessions, songwriting camps and other projects. Sounds great? Well, because it is!

Can’t find your answer? Contact us at or submit a contact form here.

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