Halloween Jam

Anything you need to know about our special Halloween event.

Soundation’s Collab Live lets you produce music online and collaborate with anyone in real-time on the same project. There’s no need to send files back and forth, or manually sync a project. With Soundation’s  collaboration project, you’ll be able to see your collaborators’ input as if they’re sitting at the same computer – even if you’re on opposite sides of the world.

Only from 26 October 2020 until 1 November 2020, in any collaboration projects you’ll be able to:

  • Use the newly launched Europa synth by Reason Studios, as well as exporting and publishing the instrument in your tracks! 
  • Create unlimited number of collaboration projects.
  • Import and record audio.
  • Get access to Premium samples and loops in the sound library.
  • Use automation.
  • Use parametric EQ.
  • Click “Start a collaboration” on the Halloween Jam page.
  • Or, from a studio, click on a folder icon on the right hand side and choose “New collaboration project”.

Once a collaboration project is created, click “Collaborate” in the top right corner of the studio. 

Enter your collaborator’s email address or Soundation username to send an invite, or copy and share a link to your project. 

You can find all collaboration projects created from 26 October 2020 to 1 November 2020 under “Open collaborations” on the Halloween Jam page. Click on any of the projects to join.

You can also click on any of the projects under “Leaderboard” to take part.

If a project is public, you can jump in right away. However, if a project is set as private, you’ll need to send a request. You’ll receive an answer from the project owner by email.

Join Soundation’s official Discord server to meet other users, get feedback on your work and share your best memes.

Every day, a theme for a beat-making challenge will be revealed. Expect anything from classic 80s horror sounds to cyberpunk-inspired music.

A new collaboration project from Team Soundation will also be available every day for anyone to jump in. ⚡️ Keep your eyes peeled on the Halloween Jam page for all the updates.

Premium features are unlocked during Halloween Jam only in collaboration projects.

If you don’t have access to Premium features, it could be that you’re in a solo project. Note that it’s not possible to convert a solo project to a collaboration one at this time. So when creating a new song, make sure to choose a collaboration project!

As a collaborator, you are not allowed to publish or export the project because all collaboration projects created during Halloween Jam have default permission settings: Only the project owner can publish and export the song.

If you’d like to export or publish a song, just create your own collaboration project. 🙂

You’ll still have access to any collaboration projects created or joined during Halloween Jam. However, you’ll need to upgrade to Premium in order to access Premium features in the projects.

Can’t find your answer? Contact us at support@soundation.com or submit a contact form here.

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