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A quick guide to Soundation Community.

Soundation’s mission is to offer everyone the option of making music online, and our Community is an extension of this mission!

We want to give everyone the possibility to post, share and receive feedback on their work. In our Community, you can join or create your own groups to collaborate with others, discover and follow fellow users and get updates on your feed. Here you’ll also be able to participate in competitions, vote and hopefully catch your tracks on trending.

Getting involved in groups is a great way to get feedback on your work, share inspiring content and collaborate. You can create a group by going to the Community page. Then, click “Create a group” in the top right corner.

First things first, what did you post?

Team Soundation reserves the right to suspend or remove any user or content it considers inappropriate. We do not do this indiscriminately, or (usually) without a warning. Please read our Licensing Agreement to learn more about what we may find inappropriate, and remember to follow the Community Guidelines.

Our community is a hub for musicheads around the world, and we believe everyone has the right to different views and opinions. Be kind and respectful, and let’s continue to build this community together!


Show Respect

With such an international user base, everyone needs to be tolerant. Your views may differ, and you may have disagreements, but you can still be respectful. Consider it an opportunity to learn. If you feel someone is being abusive or expressing a view that’s offensive or harmful, you can let us know by reporting that user.

Be Constructive

We’re all at different levels of musicianship, and constructive criticism is valuable for learning. Feel free to express your opinion, but remember that bashing is not constructive.

Share Your Work

Only use and upload what you have created or have permission to share.


Inappropriate behavior

Soundation is not a place for bullying, abuse, obscenity or offensive behavior. You are held responsible for what is written and shared from your account. Repeated violations and warnings may result in suspension.

Sharing the Work of Others

Do not upload or use other artists work without permission. You are responsible for what you share and having the rights to do so. If a rights-holder notifies us of any copyright infringement, whether it be for audio, images or text, you will be warned. Repeated copyright violations risk having your account suspended.


Please consider the way you promote yourself in the community. Copy-paste posting can be considered spamming. The more personal you are in your interactions, the better! Using fake accounts or fake likes to elevate your position in the community is not tolerated.

Promoting products or services, as well as posting links to torrents or sites infringing on copyright, is not allowed. By spamming and creating fake accounts, you run the risk of being suspended.

Remember, one strike and you’re out. Any new accounts created to evade suspensions will be suspended without notice.

Can’t find your answer? Contact us at or submit a contact form here.

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