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A brief introduction about who we are.

Soundation was founded in Sweden in 2009 with the vision to deliver an impeccable service to online music makers and facilitate musical creativity around the world.

With a focus on availability, simplicity, and affordability, Soundation is an online music production software complete with loops, effects and virtual instruments – basically everything you need to get started on making your own music and sharing it with the world.

We are a team of coders, designers, marketeers and music nerds. Our goal is to make professional production software and high-quality sounds available to anyone. More than ten years after its creation, Soundation is used in more than 200 countries, with over 75,000 active monthly users – and counting.

Unlike a digital audio workstation software program, with a web application there’s no need to install software or dongles. There are also no update issues as we constantly update our studio with no additional costs.

Plus, you can run the studio within a browser, from any computer, and have access to all of your work when you log in, whenever and wherever inspiration hits. Being online also allows you to collaborate with anyone in real-time within the same project!

PowerFX. You’ve probably heard their sounds on productions from Timbaland, Jay-Z, BMW, CNN, SVT or on products like Apple’s GarageBand, Logic or Cakewalk’s Dimension Sampler, Propellerheads REASON Strings, Ableton Live, MOTU or in SanDisk’s Ring Tone Creator. They’ve recorded great players and used the services of some the universe’s best producers and sound developers.

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