Exclusive Early Access to Collab Live

You’re the First!

Woohoo! As a Premium user, you’re granted early access to our powerful new feature before anyone else. Team up with your friends, wherever they are in the world, and enjoy this fun new way of making music.


What is Collab Live

Collab Live lets you produce music in multiplayer mode with anyone on the same project. Every move you make is 100% synced in real-time. You’ll be able to see your collaborators’ actions as if they’re sitting at the same computer – even if they’re on opposite sides of the world. Think of it as Google Docs, but for music production.

How to Get Started

  • Enter the Chrome studio.
  • Click “File” on the top menu in the studio and choose “New collaboration” to create a collaboration project. Only Premium users can access this option at the moment.

  • Click “Collaborate” on the top right corner to invite anyone to your project. And by that, we mean ANYONE – your mom, your old headteacher, your alter ego – as long as you have their email addresses.
    You can also share a link to your collaboration project with the world, set the project’s permissions and manage incoming requests.
  • After importing or recording audio, don’t forget to click “Upload audio” in order to share the sounds with your collaborators.

  • All progress is automatically saved. There’s no need to click save manually.

How to Find Collaborators

Head to the real-time collab channel on our official Discord server and use command !projects to summon our own Soundation bot (Talking about #nextlevel). The bot will list ten recent projects which owners have set as public (“Post project to community to find collaborators” in the settings).

If you have any questions at all, drop us an email at support@soundation.com. We’re always on hand to help.

Happy collaborating!

P.S. If you notice something different, it’s because we’ve rolled out some improvements to the studio as well. Find out all the improvements here

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