Real Time Collab Beta Test


Welcome to the beta test of our Real-Time Collab studio! First of all, thank you for signing up to be part of this exciting journey. You’re the first to get your hands on this awesome, new version of Soundation studio. Make sure to read all the important information below.

What is Real-Time Collab

Our new studio lets you, well, collaborate in real-time. That means you and your friends can be on the same project at the same time and make music together. You should be able to see your friends’ actions as if you’re sitting at the same computer, even if you’re on opposite sides of the world. Think of it as a Google Doc, but for making music.

How to Test

To join a collab room, click one of the rooms below:

What to Test

Go crazy and make as complicated tracks as you can, with as many of your friends in one room as possible. Make sure to test out:

  • Audio loops
  • Effects
  • Channel controls
  • Note editor
  • Virtual keyboard and external MIDI player
  • Automation
  • Scissor Tool, Time Stretch/Pitch Stretch Tool
  • Tempo and time signature

Keep in Mind…

  • You’re not able to record and import audio at the moment.
  • It’s not possible to see which users are in the same room as you at the moment, but we’ll work on that (along with many more features, like chat etc.) soon!
  • All progress is automatically saved. There’s no need to click save manually. If you click to save, you’ll save a “snapshot” of the project in that state.
  • If you create a new song, open an old project or load .sng file while being in a collab room, you’ll be automatically removed from the collab room. To get back in, just click one of the rooms above.
  • You’ll be able to check that you’re in a collab room if “Collaboration” appears as the title of your browser tab.
  • This is a work in progress. While you get to play with this whizzy new feature first, there may be some functionality issues, or pesky bugs lurking around.

How to Report Issues

Things are not working as they should? Gather as many details as possible and let us know here.

How to Meet Other Testers

Check out this group on the Community where we’ve invited all users who signed up for the beta test. Feel free to schedule a jam session, or go Twitch-style and let others know when/where you’ll be “streaming”.

Have fun and maybe see you in one of the rooms!

Team Soundation ⚡️