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Soundation Launches World’s Most Collaborative Music Studio
Browser-based music studio Soundation is now launching a brand new real-time collaboration feature, Collab Live. This powerful feature enables seamless collaboration and lets creators produce music in multiplayer mode.

Soundation, Sony Music and Diskopunk announce Remix Challenge with an official release in the prize pot
With the long-term goal of supporting emerging talent around the globe, Soundation is joining forces with Sony Music and Diskopunk for a Remix Challenge of the Swedish quartet’s “Sugar.” The grand prize includes an official remix with Sony Music and Diskopunk.

Soundation unveils new studio and visual identity
On December 13th, Soundation launches a brand new browser-based studio and visual identity across all channels in cooperation with design agency Kurppa Hosk. Apart from the studio’s new UI, the studio engine also gains a +300% performance improvement as a result from a collaboration with Google.

Soundation is the first online music production software to implement WebAssembly Threads – gains over 70 %* performance improvement
After working closely with Google for more than one year, Soundation is now releasing their new music studio built on WebAssembly Threads.


Soundation featured at Google Chrome Dev Summit in San Francisco 
Soundation has been collaborating with Google’s WASM and Chrome Audio teams for over a year, working to optimize the implementation of Soundation Studio based on WebAssembly. On 13 November 2018, the case was presented at Google Chrome Dev Summit in San Francisco.

BMG and Soundation team up to find the next top producer – announce remix competition
With the mission of finding tomorrow’s star producers and support emerging talent, BMG and Soundation are joining forces for a new series of remix challenges.

Online music production service Soundation steps up – takes in new funding and appoints new CEO
Sweden-based online music studio Soundation is relaunching in an effort to challenge the global music industry. The company has received 500K USD in funding and appointed new CEO Adam Hasslert. The goal is to build the world’s premier launchpad for new producers.

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