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Chrome Studio Shortcuts

Note: Ctrl/Cmd = Ctrl or Cmd based on operating system


Action Key Command Info
Add Audio Channel 8
Add Instrument Channel 9
Show Master Channel 0 (zero) Show/hide Master Channel
Solo Channel S Solo on/off for selected channel
Mute Channel M Mute on/off for selected channel
Unsolo/Unmute All Alt + S or M For all channels. Or Alt + Click on S/M buttons
Show Effects F Show/hide effect list for selected channel
Show All Effects Shift + F Show/hide effect list for all channels
Bypass Effects Alt + Click Bypass certain effects for selected channel
Show Automation A Show/hide automation for selected channel
Show All Automation Shift + A Show/hide automation for all channels
Toggle Metronome Shift + M Turn on/off metronome
Toggle Recording R Toggle recording for selected channel
Loop O Toggle loop locators for playback on/off
Show Library Ctrl/Cmd + L Show/hide Loop Library
Show Virtual Keyboard Ctrl/Cmd + K To play selected channel with computer keyboard
Virtual Keyboard Octave Left/Right Arrow Keys Toggle between octaves on Virtual Keyboard
Close Window ESC Close the active window
Close All Windows Shift + ESC Close all open windows


New Song Ctrl/Cmd + Alt + N
Open Ctrl/Cmd + O
Save Ctrl/Cmd + S
Save As Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + S
Publish Ctrl/Cmd + P Publish the song to your artist profile


Copy Ctrl/Cmd + C Clips, Notes
Paste Ctrl/Cmd + V Clips, Notes
Cut Ctrl/Cmd + X Clips, Notes
Duplicate Alt + Click & Drag Clips, Notes
Delete Del / Backspace Selected Channel, Clips, Notes
Undo Ctrl/Cmd + Z
Redo Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + Z
Arrangement Tool 1, 2, 3, 4 In Arrangement. 1-Arrow, 2-Scissor, 3-Stretch, 4-Pitch
Note Clip Editor Tool 1, 2, 3 In Note Clip Editor. 1-Arrow, 2-Pen, 3-Velocity


Select All Ctrl/Cmd + A Select all Clips, Notes
Piano Roll Key Select Ctrl/Cmd + Left Click Select all Notes in clicked key, or range by dragging over keys
Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + Left Click Add or Remove key to Note selection
Channel Clip Select Ctrl/Cmd + Left Click Selects all Clips on clicked channel, or range by dragging over channels
Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + Left Click Add or Remove channel to Clip selection
Add To Selection Shift + Left Click Add or Remove Clip or Note to current selection


Slippy Move Ctrl/Cmd + Drag Move Clips, Notes without grid snapping
Slippy Split Ctrl/Cmd + Scissor Tool Use Scissor Tool without grid snapping
Restricted Move Drag + Shift Dragging restricted to one direction
Restricted Slippy Move Drag + Ctrl/Cmd + Shift Dragging restricted to one direction without grid snapping
Move Notes Arrow Keys Move selected Notes up, down, left, right
Move Notes in Octaves Shift + Arrow Keys Move selected Notes up, down in octaves. Left, right in 1/4 steps
Fine tune knob value Shift + Tweak value Tweak a knob value in finer increments by holding Shift


Play, Pause Space bar or Ctrl/Cmd + Space bar
Rewind Enter Rewind playhead to song start
Move Playhead , or . Move playhead in one bar steps backward, forward
Scroll View Up/Down Mouse Scroll Scroll the view up or down
Scroll View Left/Right Alt + Mouse Scroll Scroll the view backward or forward
Zoom Horizontally Ctrl/Cmd + Mouse Scroll Zoom the view horizontally at cursor
Zoom Vertically Ctrl/Cmd + Alt + Mouse Scroll Zoom the view vertically at cursor

Flash Studio Shortcuts

Ctrl (cmd ⌘ for Mac) + C, V or X = Copy, Paste or Cut
Alt + Click and drag = Copy
Del or backspace = Delete (Universal for Channels, Clips, Notes).
Z = Undo
Shift + Z = Redo
Space bar = Play/Pause
A = Select all (In MIDI Clip editor)
L = Open Library
M = Master Channel
Keys 1, 2, 3, 4 = Cycle Editing Tools
Arrow Keys Left/Right = Octave Up/Down in Virtual Keyboard
Shift + Click = Select multiple audio/midi clips or midi notes
Ctrl + Drag (Slip Edit) = Move Clips or Notes without grid snapping
Arrow Keys in Note Clips = Move selected notes in steps Up/ Down/ Left/ Right
Shift + Arrow Keys = Move selected notes in Octaves Up/ Down or Left /Right in 1/4 steps
Alt + Mouse Scroll = Scroll back and forth in arrangement
Alt + Click on Solo/Mute = Unmute or unsolo all muted or soloed channels

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