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Effects are at the core of how producers shape sound and can turn a so-so song into a masterpiece. You can, for example:

  • Use delay and reverb to give the singing a tinny robotic voice, or make it sounds like echos in a tunnel.
  • Make everything punchier with compressor, or crush it to bits with distortion.
  • Put on a filter to dim your sound like a light bulb, or use a phaser for a dash of swooshing, jet plane swirl.

Adding Effects

  1. Double-click on a channel to open the bottom panel.
  2. The panel displays empty slots where you can insert effects. Click the “+” icon and select the effect you wish to use in the drop down menu.

3. When you have selected an effect, the effect controls will appear in the panel where you can directly tweak the parameters.

To use the knob controls, point your cursor over a control, click and drag up or down to the desired value.

4. Click the “+” again and select an effect from the drop down and you have a multiple effect chain going. Effects are arranged horizontally. The effect on the right is applied last and thus affects every effect that precedes it.

To view all effects for the selected channel, scroll either horizontally or vertically.

You can collapse the panel by clicking on the arrow icon on the right. To reopen the panel, just click on the arrow again or double-click on any channel.

Manage Your Effect Rack

To rearrange the order of the effects chain, just click and drag effects left or right. You can also select effects and move selected effects in bulk by holding shift

The effect rack is made to be flexible and easy for in-the-moment experimentation. You can dive into hundreds of our carefully-crafted presets and quickly try out new ideas by switching presets right in the panel.

Click on the Bypass button if you want to hear the track without the effect. To delete, just click to activate effects before hitting the backspace key, or simply right-click to open a menu.

Use Automation

Changing the character of your sound requires more than just effects. You need automation.

Right-click on any parameter to add, edit, or remove automation. To indicate which parameter is automated, a blue light now appears next to the parameter.

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