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Manage Imported Audio

Level: Apprentice

You can manage your own audio files directly within the studio by clicking on “Imported Sounds” tab in the library.

You can also drag and drop audio and MIDI files from your computer directly into the project. Your audio files will be available under “Imported Sounds” tab for every project you create.

Supported audio formats: MP3 or WAV files at 44.1 kHz, 16 and 24 bit.

Check the Storage

To check your storage, see the top of the Imported Sounds tab where your total storage amount and current use is displayed. It will automatically update when you make any changes.

Within this tab you can also move any file or folder to another folder simply by dragging it to where you want it. You will always be prompted to confirm when you move or delete a file. If you are moving, deleting or renaming a file that has been used in a saved song it will no longer be able to load in that song.

Free Up the Storage

Since all imported audio files are stored under “Imported Sounds” tab, deleting audio clips from your project will not free up your storage. To free up your storage, make sure you delete audio files under “Imported Sounds” tab as well.

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