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Importing Audio File

There are many ways you can import audio files to your project on Soundation.

Option 1: Drag audio files from your computer and drop them in the arrangement view.

Option 2: Right-click anywhere on the arrangement view and select “Import audio file”. In the pop-up window, locate the audio file you want on your computer.

Option 3: Or you can simply click on the “Import sounds” button displayed on the arrangement view.

Soundation will open a new audio track with the imported file.

Once you save the song the file will be saved and uploaded to your account and show up under My Files

Supported Audio formats:

  • Wave files with any bitrate encoded at 44.1 kHz
  • MP3 file with any bitrate encoded at 44.1 kHzPlease note that you need a paid account to be able to save the audio files to your account

Importing Project File

You can import a studio project, or .sng file, to load up all the audio files, instruments, effects and automation used in a song and make changes to them right in your studio. It is a helpful starting point for your creativity and can ease up your workflow.

To import a studio project, click on the folder icon from the sidebar on the right-hand side of the studio, then click “Load project file”.

The studio will load up a song’s arrangement. From there you can change the instruments, effects, melodies and many more to make a remix or give the song a personal touch.

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