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Change Tempo and Time Signature


You can set the tempo by clicking and dragging up or down on the BPM (beats per minute) indicator in the transport. Dragging up will increase the tempo, and down will decrease the tempo.

You can also double click and type in your desired tempo, or simply hold Ctrl/Cmd and tap the beats. The studio will automatically detect and set the BPM for you.

Time Signature

In Soundation Studio (Chrome version) you can set the time signature of your song. The time signature specifies how many beats there are in one bar as well as the note value that one beat is.

The most commonly used time signature in pop music is a 4/4 measure. The first numerical specifies the number of beats in a bar, in this case four (4). The second numerical specifies the note value that one beat represents, in this case a quarter (4) note.

Another common time signature is 3/4 which means there are three (3) quarter (4) notes in one bar. You can have up to 99 beats in one bar. You can also change the note value that one beat represents from half notes (2), quarter notes (4), eighth notes (8) and sixteenth notes (16).

If you have the metronome turned on you will hear the time signature represented by how the metronome beats. The arrangement grid and ruler will also change visually when setting the time signature.

You change the time signature of your song next to the song tempo. To change it you simply click the time signature display and enter the values you wish to use. To change both the beat and note value you need to write the first number, forward slash and then the second number.

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