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Adjust Display

View Settings

You can click on the Library View icon in the lower right corner to toggle the library.

Arrange Zoom

Adjust the slider to change the vertical and horizontal zoom.

Right-click anywhere on the arrangement view and choose “Zoom in” or “Zoom out”.

You can also launch the Master Channel from here. The Master Channel is for controlling the volume, panning and effects for all the channels in your song.

In the bottom right corner of the studio, you can click on the expand icon to enter a fullscreen mode. With a fullscreen mode, Soundation Studio will fill up your entire screen.

Display Measure in Beats or Time

You can change the view of the studio “LCD” to display your song measurements in bars and beats or in time with minutes, seconds and milliseconds. Great if you want to do specific timings or just view how long your song will be in time.

To change the view of the display simply click on it to switch between the two modes.

Display in Beats:

Display in Time:

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